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  1.  the introduction of miranda clay
  2. 15 seconds / choir for the dead
  3. armageddon i (worlds are ending every day)
  4. lovers' song:  cassandra millon hears dead people)
  5. apocalypse i (long-distance serenade)
  6. lovers' song:  dead people hear cassandra millon
  7. on mirrormen
  8. the dancing song
  9. runaway (smoke on the breeze)
  10. on romeo and juliet
  11. walkabout (everyone leaves)
  12. (do you know) she wants revenge?
  13. coda: all my friends are dead
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Bisturí de tamaño adecuado para el objeto de estudio, Sirve para hacer insiciones o cortes de organos y estructuras que sean blandos.
Pinzas gruesas con bocado.
Pinzas finas para manipulación de estructuras delicadas.
Pinza Diente de ratón: sirve para pellizcar el objeto que está siendo disecado.
Aguja enmangada.
Tijeras curvas / rectas.
Pinza Mosquito
y una buena imaginacion
that is, [thing, thing, stuff, a lot of different kinds of tongs, some needles, some scissors] "and a good imagination".

maybe the people who told me to become a mortician weren't that far off?

when i was younger i wanted to go into the science of how wounds heal so i could poke open sores and cysts and things with needles. and by 'younger' i mean 'a week ago'. ehehe.
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my excuse for not having worked on whengreatsatansgone (essay / formal thought journal! brand new! of course i named it that, i'm going to be giving this URL to teachers and we wouldn't want to be presentable!) is that great satan is not gone yet.

that is, this video:

i am kind of. fixated. on this video. have been procrastinating during computer lab classes by pulling it up and chinhandsing. am much abetted by my excellent headphones.

by which i mean, shut up.
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the rock opera (that includes the dead girlfriend song, proper name pending, and (do you know) she wants revenge?) has a fairly decent storyline now, although i'm not sure how to make it logical.

it also has a name, but the acronym is unwieldy as hell, so it's the rock opera in my notes even now.

the four main characters also have names.

as follows:

the short and graceless life of miranda clay
the dead girlfriend (dies, impulses the plot; the narrator of (DYK)SWR? believes she is being persecuted for having killed her, despite that a. she's dead b. narrator did not kill her): miranda clay
* miranda because it sounded good, because people tend to favour trochees as far as names go and so miranda is as uncomfortable as my real name, and because miranda rights
* clay by popular vote, against clark and ___; retconned to be a reference to myths saying that the gods made man out of clay, and to the hazards of love; also, as a single-syllable last name, throws her off of balance even more
* miranda's name is the only positive one; miranda rights protect the person being interrogated and clay in this context has to do with building blocks and beginnings. everyone else's names are sad.
the lazarus girl (tries to bring miranda back, narrator of the dead girlfriend song): cassandra millon
* cassandra for the prophetess cassandra / the trope cassandra truth, and to mirror miranda's name
* millon for the man who enjoys classifying things
* her full name is five syllables to miranda's four, and more negative (no one believes cassandra, and the association with psychology starts here too), and has the opposite of miranda's initials
the clockwork boy (narrator of the dancing song, has garden-variety capgras' or similar, guardian of the narrator of (DYK)SWR?): jeffrey rosenhan
* named entirely after psychologists, but there are a lot of jeffreys
* rosenhan is interesting
the paranoid girl (narrator of (DYK)SWR?): ash rosenhan
* rosenhan is still cool, ash is jeffrey's sister or cousin (i haven't decided)
* okay to be honest i kind of got ash out of nowhere but i can pull a thousand references for it in a blink of an eye; her song references fire, ash tends to be an end to things, also, ash tree lane, etc.

basically i tried to symbolic names and kind of got distracted in the middle.  at least i have a stockpile (eugen, kety, ajax, salman, decety) of spare names if there are more characters than these four.  although i should hope they're not speaking characters.  it's hard enough to explain who i'm being at the time as it is.
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here, let me share my thoughts (disorganised and, uh, 2.9k as they are) on the series of books i just finished (well, finished insofar as you can finish an ongoing series). namely, the unofficially-termed agent pendergast series.


hello again, readers and other readers. (i can't well use ladies and gentlemen here, can i? that would kind of be fucking rude! i mean, because there's not a formal genderneutral term to add. or substitute with? but the 'x and y' format is fun. hence the above.)

i'd like to talk about fiction. ...yeah, i know, what the hell else do i talk about that's not whining. the thing stands. thankfully, this is my journal, so i can!

a while ago my dad told me that he was reading a series of books by one (two actually) douglas preston and lincoln child. he recommended them highly, i bowed out because i quite literally can't read while i'm in school. (this is a somewhat complicated thing having to do with the fact that i can no more pick up a book, put it down, and pick it up again than i can do so with a song. this is also the reason for my continuing inability to finish pass the parcel, since at this point i couldn't, and thus i'm going to have to start over.) the, at the time, end.

not, admittedly, the end period. warning: some spoilers, general. )

more explicit spoilers from here onwards, still as vague as i could get them. )


thought had whilst writing this that i might as well pile in if i'm going to make a huge essay-length post and claim it as nonfiction-but-thoughtful writing and thus deserving to be grouped under Things What I Wrote Here Count The Words:

you could call this a conclusion but it's actually a highly hesitant first draft of a potential thesis. watch this train of thought? )

i can't speak for this book in an objective fashion yet; not only did i just finish it, but it's the first book of a trilogy. i have pretty high hopes for the rest of the trilogy, really, in the characters experience consequences to their actions department.

but i am also experiencing some trepidation, and an attack of Sudden-Onset Essay Syndrome, so here are the results.
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for camp nanowrimo i'm writing a carob flavour binge called sixteen short of twelve that destroys one of the core tenements of the cause trilogy. let me tell you about it.

okay, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, readers and other readers. let's talk about the colourverse. )
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as above: this is a poetry dump post. no cut for you.

i was going to try to do a poem a day but then i lapsed for a couple days so now it's a poem a whenever i feel like it i guess. but i felt like it for almost a week so that was cool.

here's #1.

02 & 03/05, terza rima

epitaph for an age

that was just one of the weird parts,
they claim later, to a man,
none of them ever having known the art

of keeping silent when you can.
it was all perfectly rational,
they claim later, to a man.

there's more elements to her arsenal
than just ashes, bone, and tin.
it was all perfectly rational,

claim those who never win.
there are more subtle mysteries
than just ashes, bone, and tin.

now there are cobwebs in the histories
that echo all around this place.
there are more subtle mysteries

than those known by the human race.
old gods can hide inside the songs
that echo all around this place.

the world's history is far too long
to class and summarise.
old gods can hide inside the songs

and behind strangers' eyes.
magic isn't yet well-known enough
to class and summarise.

so far the evidence is just a bluff
and rightful science reigns supreme
magic isn't yet well-known enough

and charlatans crowd out the unseen.
but mystery is found in human hearts
and rightful science reigns supreme.

that was just one of the weird parts,
say those who can't yet see the stars.

interestingly enough, certain people (and by that i mean mystic-pants friends of my dad's) seem to much prefer this poem to the poem for derek. i'm not going to read too much into it, reading would require a larger sample base.


04/05, gemini rima [that is, bilingual terza rima with two couplets at the end instead of one; please note: that's not actually a thing]

canción for un parade

they’re going out dreaming on every street
quémenlos, quémenlos al borde del río
all the dead and the sleeping wrapped up in white sheets

y los vivos cantando sin saber de su lío
the speakers don’t know who or what they entreat;
quémenlos, quémenlos al borde del río

the walkers drag ash on the soles of their feet
abajo del mundo Charón dice “yo no fío”
the speakers don’t know who or what they entreat

y la Tierra queda dispuesta a darse otro giro
there’s six billion names on a list, stark and neat
abajo del mundo Charón dice “yo no fío”

they’re going out dreaming on every street
all the dead and the sleeping wrapped up in white sheets
pero abajo del mundo Charón dice “yo no fío”
y la Tierra queda dispuesta a darse otro giro.

okay i lied one cut for you:

translations! )


05/05, villanelle [bracketverse villanelle, even]

margaret's to-do list

the Columbine's patience winds the watch that tells time
under the world, legends falter and flounder
while the dead are all out drinking dandelion wine

and Miss Lowes tunes the air with a fork with no tines.
she's a myth with no love for the tales that surround her;
the Columbine's patience winds the watch that tells time

as her newest subject arrives choking on brine
unaware of the context, of revel or founder,
while the dead are all out drinking dandelion wine.

the world's a process that ticks on through its lines,
a braid made of everything that will someday expire, for
the Columbine's patience winds the watch that tells time

and its pendulum arc is her gold-wire mind,
its purpose defined in the sworn oath that grounds her
while the dead are all out drinking dandelion wine.

a false prophet could claim his weak echoes as signs
but Margaret doesn't care for the world that once found her.
the Columbine's patience winds the watch that tells time
while the dead are all out drinking dandelion wine.
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wrote a villanelle last night, 10pm to 12pm. you're welcome.

this is entirely derek des anges' fault

but i know beyond the shadow of a doubt
that life burns fast, ends bright and still.
they say: be sure your sins will find you out

in the language of the precise and the devout.
some paw at meanings without grace or skill,
but i know beyond the shadow of a doubt.

i've heard that we who wander never count,
claimed by those who then deny they meant me ill.
they say: be sure your sins will find you out

and somehow fail to have these defined without
blurs and inconsistencies defended with a shrill
but i know beyond the shadow of a doubt.

there is no beyond that which permeates throughout
the so-called mortal coil to define humankind's will.
they say: be sure your sins will find you out.

beware of those who claim to know what it's about
and of the fervours they breathe and try to instill.
but i know beyond the shadow of a doubt,
they say: be sure your sins will find you out.
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the character questions meme! SPOILER: HERE IS MY LIST.

1. the forest queen (the hazards of love, the decemberists)
2. blake keating (musicverse, yours truly)
3. arya stark (ASOIAF, george r.r. martin)
4. colin meloy (threadverse to be specific)
5. patrick noline (musicverse, yours truly)
6. catherine hydan (colourverse, yours truly)
7. satan (the book of job: the musical, simon clayton)
8. libris (LEC, yours truly)
9. dexter morgan (dexter, derp)
10. lord morpheus (the sandman, neil gaiman)
11. hermione granger (harry potter, j.k. rowling)
12. lennon rivers (colourverse, ...yours truly)
13. tally youngblood (as a cutter/special to make things interesting, scott westerfeld)
14. ciríchen e'asor (f&w)
15. arcturus (bracketverse, y.t./marika)

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okay. some of you may recognise this name: arcturus. ("have you seen this man?") arcturus salt, when he needs a surname, though that one properly belongs to january.

arcturus is a semi-canon character in the bracketverse, which belongs to marika and i and which i have been merrily doing terrible things to under the excuse of worldbuilding in AUs. (there are many exciting things under the sea in it but this is a character introduction.) the bracketverse is dark urban fantasy, basically, and a kitchen sink besides; sentient beings are divided into the ones that are on the earth and the ones that are under the sea, whilst we're... not sure about air yet. i'm leaning towards that air belongs to dead people and dead ends.

i swear all of this will make sense. )


so here's the prologue of there are bodies on the ceiling and they're fluttering their wings, also known as ...wings or TABOTCATFTW (the title's from a counting crows song, all right).
The first thing she sees -- the first thing she's ever seen -- is bright yellow-and-black tape winding around the front of a building and an alleyway. She tilts her head and feels like she's going to fall over, or possibly throw up, but the marks resolve into letters.


It's as bright as an assault-and-battery case, as shocking as a slap. Cat trails one finger from forehead to chin, clumsy as anything, unfamiliar scars making the texture of her fingertip really weird.

Maybe everyone's is like that. She doesn't know.

She ducks under the tape, stumbling, and leaves behind a bloody hand-shaped smear.


here's an intro to the twelve, in the in-universe style i wrote my notes in:

warning: contains le wings spoilers, and is accurate through to the end of the same! BUT SERIOUSLY. ALL OF THE WINGS SPOILERS. ALLLLL OF THEM.


handy fact: if you get all the references in all the twelve's names i'll give you... uh... store credit for a fic request?


and here's an unfinished poem based on something amanda palmer was tweeting about too long ago for likely anyone to remember now (please note: the 'unfinished' is the part where a lot of these only have the first line, everything but the un-numbered stanza is four verses)

temp jobs )


NEXT ON WORLDBUILDING THEATRE: probably the sea stratification and why they don't need a system like the twelve!

NEXT ON JOURNAL: hopefully not another bout of radio silence? i am going to try to post daily tuesday onwards until you all decide to band together and slap me or life prevents again. after all, you haven't even heard properly about my school, and my school is fantastic and horrible and full of teenagers!

* musicverse
* my school
* threadverse
* the cultfic
* why i have a dreamwidth now

THERE. entry over.
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either way you will be GIVING ME SOMETHING TO DO WITH MY BRAIN. that is GOOD, in case you DIDN'T KNOW.

(snagged from derek and marika.)

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment. (That way you're not leading the questions asked to fit the characters.)

2) Ask your flist to post questions in the comments.

For example:

'One, Nine and Fifteen move in together. Is this a really bad idea?'
'Under what circumstances might Five and Seven fall in love?'
'Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?'
'What would Two experience in Silent Hill?'
'What Pokémon would Eight have?'

3) After your flist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.
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okay. so. hi!

(i know i either owe you a proper entry updating what the hell i've been up to or continued silence, but you are getting neither at the moment, so here are icons.)

i am an utter sucker for a style of icons that may be overused, viz. something in an elegant font and then illegible serif or sans under it, so while i may not be entirely satisfied with these i didn't save editable copies (good job, self) so HERE YOU GO: 11  icons, being at least one per member of the decemberists, that come free with the assurance that yes, there really is some kind of message in the text, you'll just never make it out.

(most of them are stupid as hell. one of colin's is just lyrics from the tain because i couldn't get anything else to do the right kind of line breaks, and one of john's includes "should really stop asking carson for advice", and those are all i remember because i did these at 11pm.)

in case i haven't entirely dissuaded you, la. )
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(more ~evidence~ to be added as i think of it)

okay. so. colin meloy. frontman/lead singer/songwriter/miscellaneous instruments for the decemberists, previous bands tarkio (which i am currently in love with) and happy cactus (according to the internet). this guy.

he writes lyrics and they are like this.

now, from this you might deduce, say, "oh, okay, that's why c talks about him all of the times," or maybe, if you're my dad, "what a huge dork", but i, with marika's aid (and by aid i mean listening to me and going "...okay..."), have delved further

see, there had to be an explanation as to why he can hit such stupid-ridiculous pitches and hold them, and also for why he's weird.  humans are more boring than that.  luckily, i found clues in his own songs! =D

a thesis. with pictures. )
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so, lj, haven't i introduced you to my favourite favourite band?

83 decemberists and colin meloy icons. why yes, that sentence was formatted like that solely to show off how neat the colours in this layout are.


83 is so much more than 55. )

note: the filenames of the icons themselves are very, very boring (number and who). the filenames of the pictures i got them from, on the other hand? and the folder paths? ...yeah, that's interesting.
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55 killjoys icons:
-- singles (na na na and SING) covers
-- na na na screenshots
-- SING screenshots
-- 2 animated
-- product of yesterday (23:00-00:00) and today (00:00-03:14, 12:00-14:00)


55 is kind of a lot you guys )
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things i need to post for this to be a true art roundup: (links to where you can download) songs and one spoken-word piece, the collages on my books, a werewolf, hazards of love fanart, a snake, dead children (that would be the HoL), backstory for all of it, and whatever i'm forgetting at the moment.  also casey johnson.

things in this post: the songs.

this collection of posts may get somewhat long.

a conversation between jenny mayhem and leslie anne levine

'the dancing song' (work in progress, same 'verse -- compoundverse / colourverse -- as the song about your girlfriend destroying the world, takes place roughly during cataclysm and is part of the effort to write a concept album/rock opera/like i didn't have enough to do)
'i was meant for the stage' (the decemberists cover)
'i will follow you into the dark' (death cab for cutie, also known as the reason why the guitarboys and i are no longer Considering Working Together And Why The Hell Was That A Thing)
'kiss with a fist' (florence + the machine cover)
'new art for the people' (the indelicates, goddamn messy as its filename indicates)
'on the bus mall' (the decemberists cover, also current text theme of this journal and likely to be redone now that i've realised it works well with a really slow lead-in)
'sing' (the dresden dolls, debatable quality)
'the queen's rebuke' (in which c idolises shara worden a lot; hazards of love -- decemberists, that is -- cover)
'última esperanza' (the dresden dolls, because c wanted to sing it liek ~fluent speaker omg~ seeing as there was something about ms. palmer's pronunciation that bothered her, oo instead of ú.)
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there are a few missing but i'm not sure which they are, i'll sort it out later. (by which i mean save them for a future post.)

these are every icon i've made since i got roiben back and working, so since around... september? wow i make icons slowly. most of them were made either for marika or for myself. it kind of shows but oh well. <3

+ the indelicates (15)
+ blood red shoes (12)
+ dr. horrible's sing-along blog (5)
+ the decemberists (2)
+ other (8)
i am not the content you wanted but a lot of icons )
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this is my third-partial essay for ethics class. it was supposed to be spanish, but i thought of the first sentence, liked it, asked loxman if i could do it in english as a whim, and surprisingly he said yes.

a note: i realised today, finally, why i ended up writing this, when my own thoughts skirt around it sometimes but certainly aren't the same.

i wrote it in character. by accident.

as the freaking blue lady, otherwise known as the head of north america's dictatorship during the amen series. (her name's isabel coraline veridian, by the way.)


without commentary:
Democracy is a concept so entrenched in our society that one can barely think coherently about it; the preestablished baggage weighs your mind down and often as not howls at you that you're a terrible person as you go. )

with commentary:
so, colin meloy? )

SOMEHOW, I SCORED A HUNDRED ON THIS THING i don't even know. (i do like that every other paragraph starts with "democracy" if you don't count the footnote, tho'.) written in a hour, though. whee enforced war? i suppose i had practice/precedent.

teacher's commentary (yes, he calls me cos. hence the constant "but i hate triiiig"):

Cos, you certainly have a very powerful way to express your ideas. I liked your draft very much.

Sometimes particular examples doesn't give you general answers though.

I would strongly suggest that you follow philosophical subjects as minors or majors when you get to college.

yeah, i don't know what's up with the second paragraph either.

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