Sep. 17th, 2011

lemniscate: (; musicverse (general))
Bisturí de tamaño adecuado para el objeto de estudio, Sirve para hacer insiciones o cortes de organos y estructuras que sean blandos.
Pinzas gruesas con bocado.
Pinzas finas para manipulación de estructuras delicadas.
Pinza Diente de ratón: sirve para pellizcar el objeto que está siendo disecado.
Aguja enmangada.
Tijeras curvas / rectas.
Pinza Mosquito
y una buena imaginacion
that is, [thing, thing, stuff, a lot of different kinds of tongs, some needles, some scissors] "and a good imagination".

maybe the people who told me to become a mortician weren't that far off?

when i was younger i wanted to go into the science of how wounds heal so i could poke open sores and cysts and things with needles. and by 'younger' i mean 'a week ago'. ehehe.
lemniscate: (collage)
  1.  the introduction of miranda clay
  2. 15 seconds / choir for the dead
  3. armageddon i (worlds are ending every day)
  4. lovers' song:  cassandra millon hears dead people)
  5. apocalypse i (long-distance serenade)
  6. lovers' song:  dead people hear cassandra millon
  7. on mirrormen
  8. the dancing song
  9. runaway (smoke on the breeze)
  10. on romeo and juliet
  11. walkabout (everyone leaves)
  12. (do you know) she wants revenge?
  13. coda: all my friends are dead

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