lemniscate: (; the decemberists)
okay. so. hi!

(i know i either owe you a proper entry updating what the hell i've been up to or continued silence, but you are getting neither at the moment, so here are icons.)

i am an utter sucker for a style of icons that may be overused, viz. something in an elegant font and then illegible serif or sans under it, so while i may not be entirely satisfied with these i didn't save editable copies (good job, self) so HERE YOU GO: 11  icons, being at least one per member of the decemberists, that come free with the assurance that yes, there really is some kind of message in the text, you'll just never make it out.

(most of them are stupid as hell. one of colin's is just lyrics from the tain because i couldn't get anything else to do the right kind of line breaks, and one of john's includes "should really stop asking carson for advice", and those are all i remember because i did these at 11pm.)

in case i haven't entirely dissuaded you, la. )
lemniscate: (; the decemberists)
(more ~evidence~ to be added as i think of it)

okay. so. colin meloy. frontman/lead singer/songwriter/miscellaneous instruments for the decemberists, previous bands tarkio (which i am currently in love with) and happy cactus (according to the internet). this guy.

he writes lyrics and they are like this.

now, from this you might deduce, say, "oh, okay, that's why c talks about him all of the times," or maybe, if you're my dad, "what a huge dork", but i, with marika's aid (and by aid i mean listening to me and going "...okay..."), have delved further

see, there had to be an explanation as to why he can hit such stupid-ridiculous pitches and hold them, and also for why he's weird.  humans are more boring than that.  luckily, i found clues in his own songs! =D

a thesis. with pictures. )
lemniscate: (; the decemberists)
so, lj, haven't i introduced you to my favourite favourite band?

83 decemberists and colin meloy icons. why yes, that sentence was formatted like that solely to show off how neat the colours in this layout are.


83 is so much more than 55. )

note: the filenames of the icons themselves are very, very boring (number and who). the filenames of the pictures i got them from, on the other hand? and the folder paths? ...yeah, that's interesting.

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