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things i need to post for this to be a true art roundup: (links to where you can download) songs and one spoken-word piece, the collages on my books, a werewolf, hazards of love fanart, a snake, dead children (that would be the HoL), backstory for all of it, and whatever i'm forgetting at the moment.  also casey johnson.

things in this post: the songs.

this collection of posts may get somewhat long.

a conversation between jenny mayhem and leslie anne levine

'the dancing song' (work in progress, same 'verse -- compoundverse / colourverse -- as the song about your girlfriend destroying the world, takes place roughly during cataclysm and is part of the effort to write a concept album/rock opera/like i didn't have enough to do)
'i was meant for the stage' (the decemberists cover)
'i will follow you into the dark' (death cab for cutie, also known as the reason why the guitarboys and i are no longer Considering Working Together And Why The Hell Was That A Thing)
'kiss with a fist' (florence + the machine cover)
'new art for the people' (the indelicates, goddamn messy as its filename indicates)
'on the bus mall' (the decemberists cover, also current text theme of this journal and likely to be redone now that i've realised it works well with a really slow lead-in)
'sing' (the dresden dolls, debatable quality)
'the queen's rebuke' (in which c idolises shara worden a lot; hazards of love -- decemberists, that is -- cover)
'├║ltima esperanza' (the dresden dolls, because c wanted to sing it liek ~fluent speaker omg~ seeing as there was something about ms. palmer's pronunciation that bothered her, oo instead of ├║.)

Date: 07/12/2010 16:02 (UTC)
marika_kailaya: close-up of a girl in a yellow dress with a bow, her hands folded before her (she spoke music to him)
From: [personal profile] marika_kailaya

also wait one cottonpicking minute. you wrote the dancing song? i've been trying to figure out who the hell did it before i gave you feedback. 0_o shit, man.

"my daughter's going to grow up to be a headbanger..."
*sparkle* from the time you met me this was your destiny!

Date: 07/12/2010 21:29 (UTC)
ext_247870: man holding guitar, standing on a stage, surrounded by upraised hands (Default)
From: [identity profile] cofmanynames.livejournal.com
(oh! yeah, i'd been meaning to send those to you but then i went "fuckit, lj it is".)

i did! it's in the same verse/hopeful rock opera as the one about the dead girl and the surreal stuff that's in four-line and do you know (she wants revenge)?. er. fyi. and! in that case, do you think i did okay at doing my own songs? *dry*

a candyraver headbanger. *gestures at thigh-highs, grins* (today they are grey and white with blue and green argyle! it's... a bit odd, really.)

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