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the character questions meme! SPOILER: HERE IS MY LIST.

1. the forest queen (the hazards of love, the decemberists)
2. blake keating (musicverse, yours truly)
3. arya stark (ASOIAF, george r.r. martin)
4. colin meloy (threadverse to be specific)
5. patrick noline (musicverse, yours truly)
6. catherine hydan (colourverse, yours truly)
7. satan (the book of job: the musical, simon clayton)
8. libris (LEC, yours truly)
9. dexter morgan (dexter, derp)
10. lord morpheus (the sandman, neil gaiman)
11. hermione granger (harry potter, j.k. rowling)
12. lennon rivers (colourverse, ...yours truly)
13. tally youngblood (as a cutter/special to make things interesting, scott westerfeld)
14. ciríchen e'asor (f&w)
15. arcturus (bracketverse, y.t./marika)

shiru (LJ and DW)
Would [ARYA STARK], [CAT HYDAN], and [DEXTER MORGAN] be able to fight off the zombie invasion together? Would [CAT] and [DEXTER] contemplate throwing [ARYA] to the zombies to gain more time?

...you know, if you assume zombies can be killed by enough stabbing ("stick them with the pointy end!") and also hopefully by cat's fey-ass blood magic because she doesn't know any long-range combat, they'd be a weirdly perfect team. cat and arya would likely get along (homicidal teenage girl [now with knives!] from forgotten northern noble house, meet hoomicidal pre-teen tomboy from isolated northern noble house [with sword]) and dexter, as canon, Likes Kids, so you're just going to need really a lot of lye soap.

cat is what is known as Not Down With Betrayal, dexter isn't okay with kids dying, i think miss stark is pretty safe here.

[BLAKE KEATING], [COLIN MELOY], and [STAN SATAN] are the last humans on earth during a zombie invasion... would they feel obligated to continue the [human] species?

oh dear. look, shiru, satan is a fallen angel, not a human, and blake and colin are both male and also ostensibly heterosexual (okay, blake is. you and i have discussed colin!) besides. i do not think this thing is happening!

although blake is a shapeshifter, and he can change his physical sex, but he can't stop defaulting to what his actual DNA dictates when he's not trying -- the only shifts he can keep on purpose are hair colour because it's dead cells (why he can change it to start with is something i am not touching, blake is a freaaaaak) and wings (it's a long story), and i think he'd probably be incapable of having kids as a dude anyway, to be quite honest, as a side effect of the shapeshifting? plus colin would probably not be at all interested and you have now exhausted your supply of humans who are not satan (who is not a human, shiru).

mind you, he would probably be screwing with the both of them on Principle Of Thing, but that's about it. i wondered for a second if he'd make this happen just for sheer discomfort of everyone involved but considering the events of... what was it, The Indifferent Love Of The Lord Our God? i think that song, i doubt he'd be behind helping this species perpetuate at all!

Given the end of the world via zombie apocalypse, which character would be most likely to take up a religious vocation, and which religion would it be?
Would the priest character be able to convert anyone else in the group?
Would the group try to throw the priest character to the zombies?

okay, the demigods, demons, and deities aren't allowed to play, i think. so that's stan satan, lord morpheus, and the queen out of the question, since especially i don't think that starting a religion around yourself (SIMON HI i mean what? no, this meme is with everyone entirely in character, what?) counts. if i had started this meme post-DKS we might be seeing a different story because then i would have done it with simon's most recent character and the answer would be an obvious hands-down DAVID FUCKING KORESH THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT, duh!

HYPOTHETICALS ASIDE, of the two left qualifiying, interestingly enough, the two most likely candidates -- ciríchen and libris -- have the same gods and the opposite reasons. so you have your proponents of the Dae's gods, but one as former librarian (so preaching ordera bove all, and inexorability, and at very least a tiny bit of snide holier-than-thou because she ran the universe, after she died even, what are you doing with your life) and one as someone who's missing a lot of data. ciri is so oblivious! she is sworn to nâren and did this without knowing what she was getting into (seriously, that was not very good on the lady's part, sure, grab the thirteen-year-old with no choices, smoooooth), doesn't know she should belong to the actual god of chaos by birthright, and, actually, doesn't know all that many gods. she knows the Twins, so there, she has a celestial antagonist; she knows the Lady, and probably the Cats, and maybe Michael? and that does you. i don't think she even knows how the dae happened.

...so they wouldn't do very well. ciri would make a good bittypriest, for she is loyal and decent at words when you can get over the crippling fear of anything and everything and all the things, but she considers Sharing Her Thoughts On Anything Much to be damnably rude, and libris... is libris. libris is creepy. she could motivate worship through fear with nothing else available, perhaps, but zombies are more pressing!

the only reason anyone would ever not at least think seriously about throwing libris to the zombies would be the fact that she's probably the one killing most of them, because, you know, inhuman invulnerability + speed + whoo scissors. actually, that would be a fair argument against actively working against her. murder is fun and dead bodies don't bleed right, she whines, you see.

(ciri is fourteen. do not murder the child! her mental issues are also painfully obvious and this may get her extra sympathy votes? especially if she unthinkingly mentions the backstory. oh, the backstory. the fact that she is small and pitiable distracts handily from the fact that she is essentially incapable of forming most normal emotional attachments and people would often take this as a cue to attack!)

...Which one character, if turned into a zombie, would the rest of the characters try to save despite him/her/it trying to eat them?

i'd say go for the young ones: cat (15-16) as a borderline saving case, ciri (13-14) as more pitiable, and especially arya (11, tops). most humans do not like dead children!

come to think, they have the forest queen and the dreamlord on their side (consider the former's conduct towards william and the latter with rose's brother, among others), they would probably take an interest and so the group would succeed, in some fashion. tiny zombie would be fucked still, but for a different reason (morpheus always can has the drawbacks, and you do not want to be indebted to the queen).

Will you write me fic of this? :D

IT IS SLIGHTLY PROBLEMATIC, considering that everyone's either too powerful or not enough, the plague itself is probably arcturus' fault, and we have one instance of someone being in the same universe as someone he invented (colin and the queen, but don't tell her that to her face)...

kunenk (LJ)

[STAN SATAN] is now a Gym Leader! Which type do they specialise in, and where do they fit in the general rankings?

...i don't... know what that is. it's going to be a disaster, though, just. because. hello stan.

[BLAKE], [PATRICK NOLINE], and [HERMIONE GRANGER] are set to explore. Where do they go, and what do they take with them?

um... blake isn't in the habit of carrying much, especially considering as a lot of the stuff he needs is implanted (communication systems, etc.). ID card? patrick carries hat, notebook, book, computer (things you Need Okay), possibly one of mal's guns depending on the situation! hermione would do well to bring her bag with the extension charm on it, considering as i'm still in a zombie mindset from shiru, and so i will break LJ's character limit should i list or speculate upon the contents.

[CAT] has enough time to scribble a letter in a bottle! What are they facing, and what do they write?


okay so i don't know what time it is because i lost my watch and also sam (where is sam) or what date it is october something i think maybe that was last year IT IS RIGHT NOW, THE PRESENT, 2008, there

we are full



why is that, this is not a thing

case, find this, fucking well find this

find me

i will leave a trail okay

or be somewhere i know because do you know what i can do

i can teleport

it would be awesome

if i could stop teleporting into zombies

also with the bloodloss

so when in doubt i will be at the [bloodstain, smear]Q and find me there okay god knows you know where it is right


be alive

i am not making a fool of myself for nothing

love you

cat is exactly the kind of person who wouldn't really consider the concept of her missives being found by anyone but who she intends them for, er. downsides to your worldview still being partly shaped by growing up in a world that included all of four people.

[THE FOREST QUEEN], [COLIN], [LIBRIS], and [LORD MORPHEUS] now have typical RPG classes! Which classes do they have and why?

oh dear.

COLIN IS A BARD COLIN IS A BARD COLIN IS A BAAAAARD i don't care that i'm working with th!colin, colin is a bard he was meant for the stage okay.

libris is a... rogue or something. someone stabby.

the forest queen is a... super high level mage? some kind of nature magic. same for lord morpheus but with illusions, i suppose, to better approximate the fact that she is basically a localised god and he is one of the endless!

[ARYA] has a curse, and [LENNON RIVERS] must work out a way to remove it! How do they do it?

...lennon would not even know how to begin because lennon does not believe in magic. this is going to be awkward. then again there's lennon's first reactions to anything he doesn't understand which is BERATE/ASK leslie, tamsin, or david so THAT IS PROBABLY WHERE THEY WOULD START?

leslie is technically magic. i wonder if that would help.

[DEXTER] has a landmark named after them. What is it?

...a BOAT.

What would have to happen before [BLAKE] and [LIBRIS] held hands?

you know, essentially nothing? it would probably bother blake a great deal and so libris would definitely, definitely do it.

Date: 10/06/2011 07:19 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kunenk.livejournal.com
…well they would probably end up with enough holes in them to fall apart! That's something, right?

Hermione is the most prepared person, always.


Embarrassing handholding is fun~ :D

Date: 10/06/2011 19:10 (UTC)
ext_247870: man holding guitar, standing on a stage, surrounded by upraised hands (Default)
From: [identity profile] cofmanynames.livejournal.com
yes! or maybe you could teach arya to aim for the head. pretty sure she's learned that already. i don't have my copies of the book available at the moment so i can't check to see how she's killed people before. also there's something disturbing about it being a routine statement in your fandom to talk about a ten-year-old killing people (she's awesome though) (uh, i don't know if it's your fandom too, in which case this is pointless as a paragraph, oh well)

of course!


ohyes. "hiii~" "what the-- get off of me, is that blood on your hands?" "maybe!" she might even make a project of it. knowing her, terrifying/annoying people is probably how she flirts because it's basically the only reaction she can get anyway. *facepalm* libris, i thought you liked girls, not easily-frightened shapeshifter boys!

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