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this is my third-partial essay for ethics class. it was supposed to be spanish, but i thought of the first sentence, liked it, asked loxman if i could do it in english as a whim, and surprisingly he said yes.

a note: i realised today, finally, why i ended up writing this, when my own thoughts skirt around it sometimes but certainly aren't the same.

i wrote it in character. by accident.

as the freaking blue lady, otherwise known as the head of north america's dictatorship during the amen series. (her name's isabel coraline veridian, by the way.)


without commentary:
Democracy is a concept so entrenched in our society that one can barely think coherently about it; the preestablished baggage weighs your mind down and often as not howls at you that you're a terrible person as you go. )

with commentary:
so, colin meloy? )

SOMEHOW, I SCORED A HUNDRED ON THIS THING i don't even know. (i do like that every other paragraph starts with "democracy" if you don't count the footnote, tho'.) written in a hour, though. whee enforced war? i suppose i had practice/precedent.

teacher's commentary (yes, he calls me cos. hence the constant "but i hate triiiig"):

Cos, you certainly have a very powerful way to express your ideas. I liked your draft very much.

Sometimes particular examples doesn't give you general answers though.

I would strongly suggest that you follow philosophical subjects as minors or majors when you get to college.

yeah, i don't know what's up with the second paragraph either.

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