Date: 31/05/2011 22:17 (UTC)
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hee, i was wondering if anyone would! and yes, ariadne is the daughter of king minos and also a maze-making character in inception and [ profile] apiphile's headcanon has her using the last name shaw which is where we get the lady of mazes from.


here's everyone else, within reason!

1. theresa wasn't any reference deliberately and it would be cheating to mention the fact that theresa is a convincing equivalent to terezi, a homestuck character who wants to grow up to be an odd species-specific detective/judge/executioner combo, so i won't mention that and you didn't hear it from me.

2. tulio huitrón is named after a character from the road to el dorado and my orthopaedist, also not really a reference but hey i shall comandeer this comments section to list everyone's name origins because it's my comment section and i can do that.

3. marc taylor is named after a chiropractor i know (mark waters) and one [redacted] whose [redacted]'s surname is taylor. dorky references to people i know, basically.

4 & 5. zeke and zöe had nothing more thought-out than "their names should sound similar".

6. the miriam has nothing remarkable, although her successor-to-be's name is shara, and shara worden plays the forest queen in the hazards of love, so if i make a next-generation list she counts. her surname is probably stark, due to ms worden's co-lady-vocalist being becky stark.

7. tania clark is named after an indelicates song (we love you, tania) and julia indelicate's legal surname (clark-lowes).

8. we know ariadne now!

9. margaret is another hazards of love reference, margaret being the female main character who sings columbine, columbine, please alert this love of mine, hence the idea of the title columbine being a messenger. which means if there's ever a boy columbine, and there probably should be on principle (one of the fun things about replacing a relatively new iteration of the twelve is that all the titles that were thought to be gender-specific actually aren't so you can play around once nobody knows different anyway), he'd be william, i'd imagine.

10. ciel noline's last name is the surname of the main characters in the book whose FMC i was named after and also my default when inventing names and stuck. he and his sister, cosma, also combine to form latin for sky and greek for... well, cosmos. which makes me wonder if they have any cousins named terra etc.

11. and you got david smith! yey

12. isaac corwin is isaac because isaac newton was isaac, meaning that a past or future neil wouldn't be out of the question (roundabout reference to bohr). neil graham, doesn't that sound nice? XD

i now can't remember what i was going to count as a reference and what i was going to count as trivia. i guess the ones that are references to historical figures or actual media are references.

and i'm probably going to end up giving up on making it something i'm happy with and posting wings as soon as i'm done with it, and it's almost two-thirds done, so... universe intro there at least, although you now know a lot of the stuff it is forced to establish or allude to or that it forced me to determine!
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